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Internet Access Policy/WIFI Policy



Internet Access Policy and Patron Agreement Form/WIFI Policy


A.     Introduction

The Augusta Public Library asks that patrons agree to abide by the following Internet Access Policy and Guidelines.


B.     Internet Policy

The Augusta Public Library is committed to its role in serving the information needs of all of its community members.  Providing access to the Internet can enable the Library to expand and enhance the Library’s information services beyond the traditional collections and resources.  Currently, the Internet is an unregulated medium.  While the Internet generally provides access to information that is valuable and enlightening, the user may find information that is controversial, offensive, disturbing, erroneous or illegal.


1.      The Augusta Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information available on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy, or quality of information retrieved or images viewed.  Viewing of certain materials in the public library may be considered improper in time, place, or manner.  Without wishing to censor access, the Library staff reserves the right to prohibit material that in their judgment is inappropriate for viewing in this public area.  This may include material that you do not find personally offensive.


2.      Internet resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all library users.  Parents or legal guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children – and only their children.  A parent or legal guardian must provide approval in person before a child under 18 will be allowed to check out an Internet computer.


3.      The Library has installed technology protection measures, commonly called “Internet Filters” on its Internet workstations in an effort to block the availability of obscene and pornographic sites in the Library.  This filtering software will block many specific sites that may be offensive to some users, but may not block all materials that may be offensive to all users.  Parents should inform their children of materials they do not want them to use, and may wish to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.


4.      Users are reminded that there is no guarantee of privacy associated with their use of the Internet.

Staff Assistance

Library staff is available to assist users in accessing electronic resources as time permits.  Each user is, however, ultimately responsible for conducting his or her own search.  Staff cannot provide in-depth individual training in the use of the Internet or personal computers.


C.  Responsibilities

1.      Legal use:  The public or staff may not use computer resources for illegal purposes.  Examples of unacceptable purposes include, but are not limited to:

·        Harassment of other users

·        Libeling or slandering other users

·        Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or other users.

·        Viewing materials that may be considered offensive to other patrons.

·        Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communication.

·        Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material.

2.      Ethical use:  Computing resources should be used in accordance with the ethical standards of the library.  Examples of unacceptable use (some of which may have legal consequences) include, but are not limited to:

·        Violation of computer system security.

·        Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others (when applicable).

·        Use of computer communications facilities in ways that unnecessarily impede the computing activities of others, such as randomly initiating interactive electronic communication. (when applicable)

·        Violation of software agreements.

·        Violation of network use policies and regulations.

·        Violation of another user’s privacy.

3.      Cooperative use:  The library endorses cooperative computing among staff and patrons.  Computer users can facilitate cooperative computing by:

·        Regular deletion of unneeded files from one’s accounts on shared computing resources (when applicable).  

·        Refraining from overuse of interactive network facilities.

·        Refraining from use of sounds and visuals, which might be disruptive to others.

·        Refraining from use of any computing resource in an irresponsible manner. 


C.      Guidelines for Internet Access

1.      To use the Internet, the patron must have an active Augusta Public Library card which is in good standing.  Good standing means that a patron cannot have over $5.00 in fines or fees.  Senior staff has the discretion to authorize Internet use in unusual circumstances despite this rule.

2.      At the time of receiving a library card, the patron will be able to log in using the 14 digit number on the back side of the card as the user name and the password 1234.   Patrons under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian read and agree to the policy in person before those patrons can have Internet access. 

4.      People, traveling through town, may also use the Internet even though they do not have an Augusta Public Library card.  They may be signed on as a guest.

5.      Use of the Internet computers will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Adult patrons are limited to one (2) hour per day. while, children are limited to thirty (30) minutes per day.  The Internet computers in the children’s area are for patrons under the age of 12.  All other patrons use the upper level Internet computers. If patrons have special exceptions and need to use the Internet for a longer period of time, they may ask a staff member for a time extension. 

6.      Patrons may save to their own  zip drives. 

7.      The Library’s Internet workstations are intended for exploring the Internet using a web browser. 

8.      Each computer is linked to a networked laser printer.  The fee for printing black and white is $0.10 per page and $1 for color.  The printers are located behind the circulation desks.


D.  Consequences for Failure to comply with library computer rules or misuse of software will result in the loss of privilege of using this library service as follows:


  1. 1st offense—Patron will receive a verbal warning such as “You are in violation of the Library’s Internet policy.”  They will receive a copy of the Internet policy, highlighting the improper behavior and what the consequences are if the behavior continues.  They will be banned for the rest of the day.  This action will be noted on their Library record and in the incident book at the upstairs circulation desk.


  1. 2nd offense—Patron receive a 6 month suspension from using the Library computers.  In order for their privileges to be re-instated, they must appear before the Library Board or Library Director and designee.  This action will be noted on their Library record and in the incident book found at the upstairs circulation desk.


  1. 3rd offense incurs a lifetime ban from the Library computers.  This action will be noted on their Library record and in the incident book found at the upstairs circulation desk.


If the person is a minor, a letter will be sent to the person who signed as being responsible for their use of the computer.  It will include a copy of the Internet policy and the consequences.  A letter will be sent after every infraction.



In the event, a patron is viewing child pornography; the police will be called according to federal law (18 U.S.C. 2256)


Violations of the policies described above for legal or ethical use of computing resources will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner.  Illegal acts involving library-computing resources may also be subject to prosecution by local, state, or federal authorities.


Augusta Public Library WIFI policy

Use of the Library wireless connection is entirely at the risk of the user.  Users should be familiar with their own personal wireless device and should have basic knowledge of how to connect their own devices to a wireless network.

Library staff will not provide technical assistance with personal devices or configurations and cannot guarantee that the user will be able to make a wireless connection.  If the user has problems accessing the Internet over this connection, the staff will verify the Library’s wireless connection is up and running.

The Augusta Public Library does not offer laptops or peripheral equipment (power strips, wireless network cards, mouse pads, cables, etc.) to the public nor can the Library guarantee access to power outlets.  Ethernet cables are available to check out for use in the Library.  The user should bring a fully charged battery and prepare to be self-powered, as electrical outlets are not always readily available in public areas.  The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment.  Users must keep their equipment with them at all times.

As with most public wireless, the Library’s connection is not secure and privacy cannot be protected.  Any information being sent or received could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user.  Cautious and informed wireless users should not transmit sensitive personal information (credit card numbers, passwords, or any other sensitive personal information) while using this or any public wireless networks.

The Library will not be responsible for personal information (e.g. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware, or software due to electrical surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking.  All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their personal laptop computers or wireless devices.

Printers are not available via the wireless connection.  If users need to print, they should save their work to a portable storage device (e.g. floppy disk, USB drive) that can be used on a Library’s wired workstation to send to the printer.

Use of these access points is governed by the Augusta Public Library Internet Policy.  All users are expected to use the Library’s wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.  Users shall not violate federal, Kansas or local laws, including the transmission or receiving of child pornography or harmful material, fraud or downloading copyrighted material.

Any restriction or monitoring of a minor’s access to the Library’s wireless network is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.

This policy may be amended from time to time.